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Motor home seatbelts

Seatbelts is safety device which is designed to hold the passenger in place in vehicle against harmful movement that may occur during the accident.

The function of seatbelts is to prevent the occupant colliding with the interior parts, reduce the risk of being thrown from the vehicle, and spread the force of the impact over the stronger parts of occupant’s body and cause the occupant maximizing the distance over which the occupant comes to a stop. Not wearing seat belts is against law, but there are some circumstances that may excuse the person from wearing.

Seatbelts 4 U is specialists in car seatbelts repairs and fitting based in Penrose Auckland, we specialize in following types of installations.

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Moto home seatbelts

Seatbelts save many lives because it stop a person from being ejected from the vehicle and they spread the impact force over a greater area of the body which is may reason to always wear the safety belt buckled around you, however there are other several reasons to wear this protection, too. Seat belts are best defense against Aggressive Drivers, Impaired Drivers, Road Hazards and Distracted Drivers. So always wear your seatbelt

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